I always loved the intro to the show, especially once Anthony Head started doing it. And I wanted to have something similar as part of the introduction to the book, so the regular type is mine, the italics is however not the introduction to the show, it is a paraphrase with a few lines from the first episode thrown in for good measure. I think  the two  sound good together.

A Legacy… 
                          Into every generation

is a hard thing to live up to… 
                          There is a chosen one

and an even harder burden to bare...
                          One girl in all the world

when it is come upon at a tender age… 
                         One born with the strength and skill

and everything… 
                         To stop the spread of Evil

literally depends on it… 
                       She alone will stand against the vampires

what then the end of innocence…
                       the demons and the Forces of Darkness… 

when even evil is no longer pure…
                       She is the Slayer.

Another thing I always loved was when anybody said the sentences I am using in the second part of the intro, when you heard them you knew that you were in for something more than just a one episode story, sort of a mini arc. I never did count how many times these lines were used in the series, I think its at least four in some form or another and they were never spoken by the same person twice. Except for Gile's line, I hope to make thier individual arcs match what they are saying-not going to easy, but I am going to try.

Willow speaks:"You think you know,"
Followed by Spike: "What you are,"        
Then Buffy: "What is to come,"     
Dawn: "You haven't even begun,"
And Giles: "The world is doomed."

Next Post will be the first prolog.

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