"It's just…not fair," Dawn said, straightening the sheets on Rose's bed.

"You know they do make them for regular beds too," Willow said distracted by the lumps in her daughter's pillow.  She reached into the pillowcase and pulled out a handful of fluff, it almost looked like a nest.  She took the pillow out of the case and examined it but found no holes.  She dismissed the ball of fluff making a mental note to herself to check all of Rose's stuffed animals for tears later and threw it in the trash.

"What," Dawn asked puzzled at the ease with which Willow was distracted these days; motherhood really must addle your brain.  "Oh, no…not the sheets, they are cute…I meant Buffy.  She knows where we are.  Why doesn't she call?”

"She's still in L.A.," Willow said a little surprised that it came out more of a question than the reassurance she had intended it to be.

"I know," Dawn went on, "…but she could at least call, you know, let us know she's okay."

"I'm sure she's alright, Dawn…" Willow stopped short; she had almost called her 'Dawnie' as she used too in the old days. God, I am starting to feel old, she thought as she realized how much Dawn had matured while she was in Europe. Dawn was almost twenty-three, nearly a year older than Buffy was when they closed the Hellmouth in Sunnydale. She was almost model tall, having taken after Joyce where Buffy favored their father in height and her hair, while still incredibly long was lighter now than Buffy’s had ever been, almost closer to…

Willow could plainly see where Buffy got the ‘Donatella’ taunt that she often overheard between the two sisters from time to time over the speaker phone.  She has grown up, that’s for sure…it made her think of how fast Rose was growing, it would all too soon be the day when she wouldn't want the cute bed sheets either.

"It's been almost five weeks, and she hasn't checked-in in over three."

"She's always been that way, you know that."

"Hey…choir here…it's just, she could be getting herself into real trouble this time."


Short and sweet. Willow has a daughter, Tara Rose Rosenburg.  I know lame name, not really, a lot of meaning in it, and cool initials: T.R. Rosenburg.

How'd that happen? Is she still...? What can I say Willow is Willow and needs no other labels. Tara Rose is a bit of a mystery to everybody, even Kennedy who is her other legal parent No matter, Kennedy isn't really around anyway and what's in a name, really?

Next Up; Just a matter of convenience.

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