“She doesn’t look like much,” Rudy swanked, in louder than his usual annoying voice, deliberately trying to goad.  “A little past her prime, I’d say, not as fresh as most. They say this one’s got, oh, how should I put it,” he paused for effect checking for reaction from the target of his taunts, “…bit of an unusual technique.” Wax, Jake, Sami and the others sniggered quietly in the corner.  The females of the gang shushed them wanting to settle down and get some sleep.

The Navoxnova bristled in its chrysalis poking out a feeler for more sensory input as if listening.

 “They say she likes it cold, dead, and from the quality of our company,” he puffed up even more. “I’d say she must like it more Mick than Limey…”

Spike was on him before he could finish the word, slamming him to the floor. Rudy flinched when his skull hit the concrete.

Don’t,” he knocked the younger vamps head on the floor again, with force, as if needing the extra emphasis to his snarled words.

Insult,” the third bash cracked bone against concrete.

The Lady, “ blood sprayed into the pores of the cement.

Ever,” vertebrae dislocated popping audibly. 

Again.”  He punctuated his last word with a thrust that bounced Rudy off the floor, sending him rolling for cover, clutching his throbbing head.

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