Faith hung up the phone and sighed heavily.  Not too serious… they‘re gonna be alright…cops!  Humgph!  She was relieved that Stacy and Janice hadn’t been hurt badly, but she was extremely annoyed that the Boston P.D. thought it necessary to haul them in for a drug test.  Dumb ass’s, they spend half the night saving your sorry ass’s  from things that you take one look at, drop your doughnut, and head for the station shrink and what, you see them on the street obviously in need of some medical attention, limping, they were a little wobbly on their feet…had good cause.

Stopping at the fridge on her way back to the bedroom, she drained the last of the milk straight from the container; giving it a toss at the trash.  Two points for me… she thought as the milk container settled in on top of yesterday’s Thai take-out boxes. She scanned the contents of the refrigerator …no more Thai?… and settled on half a ham salad sandwich left over from Xander’s lunch and a handful of grapes. 

Padding lightly into the bedroom while popping the last grape into her mouth, she carefully got into bed and reached over Xander to put the phone back on the hook. Xander took the opportunity to give her a surprise tickle in the ribs as the phone settled into its cradle and she jumped nearly knocking him out of bed.

 “Don’t do that!”  She shrieked and gave him a playful slap.

 “Sorry, couldn’t resist,” he said, shifting position and not bothering to turn on the bedside light as Faith nestled in next to him, “…everything alright on the Boston front?” 
“No, well…yeah,” she said settling back onto her pillow, “…nobody’s seriously hurt, just two of the girls had a run-in with Boston’s boys in blue.”   Again…she added to herself. 
“They doing anything to deserve it,” he asked, knowing that most of Faith’s own clashes with the police were self-inflicted.

 “No, just walking home after a fight, couple of Bvashkavars, cops thought they were a little wobbly, hauled them in for a drug test.”

 Demon’s got them that bad? He asked.

 No…yeah, they did a little damage, but Janice said somebody was shooting darts at ‘em…after,”she said,”…one nicked Stacy, made her a little… stoned.”

 “Bvashkavar’s using dart guns now,” Xander asked.

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