"Morning Sunshine," Spike said.  He was sitting cross-legged atop the fridge at the foot of the bed pecking away at the laptop's keyboard. 

"Huh…oh…morning," Buffy yawned and stretched.

"Ready for breakfast?"  He nodded toward the shelf an arm’s length from the pillow without looking up from the keyboard.  There sat a breakfast tray with milk, juice, toast and cereal, and a small vase with three sunny little flowers.  "Got eggs and sausages in the microwave."

"Yum," she yawned again.  "What time is it?"

"Ten-thirty," he was still typing intently.

"Good sleep," she stretched, "…you said there were eggs?"

He shut the microwave door with an elbow and it started to hum.

Buffy looked at the tray.  She picked up a flower and sniffed it.  "You're going to make me fat," she said, putting the flower back in the vase. "Smells good," she added quietly.

The microwave dinged.

"You could stand a few, Love, and besides…" he said, finally looking up
from the laptop.  He opened the microwave and handed the plate across the bed to her.  "…there weren't many leftovers from last night."

"Yeah, I was hungry.  What cha working on?"

"Oh, uh…dissertation…final….it's late."



"Wow…in what?"

"Uh…ha…behavioral sciences…….need it for here.  Uh, got you some stuff," he said as he went back to pecking at the keyboard.  "…shower stuff, and some

"Sorry, ripe," she asked, pouring milk over the cereal, the eggs and sausages already gone.

"No…not too…just thought you might like…."

"Yeah, pretty grungy."

"Done," Spike said, pushing the send button.  He closed the laptop and slid off the fridge.

"I gotta go back to work," he said, plugging the charger into the laptop and depositing it on the shelf.  "There's clean towels in the wardrobe and, uh…you'll need the badge to get back in if you leave staff quarters.  We'll go get your car and stuff tonight."

"It's a rental…not mine…have to turn it in soon."

"We can do that too.  Come out when you want.  I'll be in the offices…uh…they're back the hall behind the main desk."

"Kay," she said and he was out the door.

Maybe I should make an appointment,she thought.


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