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Since I have no idea how to do this, I figured the best way to get the story uploaded would be as a blog.

Here's a little background on the story:

It is intended as the first of a series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer :Power Alone is Not Enough - the title is a reply to the whole BTVS Season Seven 'It's about the Power' thing, which I thought was overkill. It isn't about the Power-it's about a lot of other things too because Power alone is, well, just not enough.

Other Than Dead is a line from Spike's "it's always got to be blood" speech when the gang was getting ready to face Glory at the tower during the end of Season Five.

I am a purist when it comes to what I consider cannon in any fandom, and that is what was shown on TV. I include the DVD's, as depending on where and when you watched the series, you may have had any one of various edits, The DVD's are uncut. I have never read the comics, and they are not widely available in my area, so it is unlikely that they will become high on my priority list and I do not consider them cannon for this series. I do consider ATS an extention of cannon, even though a few things in it are really going to hard to work around.

The premises for the series are:
Buffy and Spike both know that each other is alive, though neither of them has done anything about it until now for various (stupid) reasons.

Giles, Buffy and the gang have established a training center for all the activated Slayers and identified Potentials, though while Buffy was in Europe she and Dawn ran into thier father, who in a sudden urge of parental concern for Dawn would not let her leave until she came of legal age. Buffy was unable to leave her sister, so she stuck around, trying to manage as "Head" Slayer remotely.

Communication (of the inter-personal type,) between the original Scoobies has not improved much over the years, there are many things everybody is not telling each other.

I'll be adding to this list later.

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